Get Teseo from CVS

First Gets

Introductory Steps

  • Create your working directory. For example: mkdir cvsworks. Change into the new directory (cd cvswork).
  • Set the CVSROOT and CVS_RSH variable. With bash-like shells type:
    export CVSROOT=':ext:guest@cvs.rm.ingv.it:/reps'
    export CVS_RSH='ssh'
  • Teseo has only one branch, the even versions are stables and the odd are under development. To get any versions, enter
    cvs checkout -r teseo_X_Y_Z teseo2
    where X, Y, Z are major, minor and micro version respectively.

These introductory steps need to be taken only the first time. When you are able to successfully download the module, you need never worry about these steps again.


Later, when you want to refresh your versions, go into the cvs working directory and type cvs update. To refresh just one module, go into the subdirectory for that module and enter cvs update. As simple as that.


For help with compiling your fresh stable teseo checkout, see the Build Teseo from CVS how to.

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