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GIMP Links

This page contains the best links to interesting GIMP-related sites. If you want to link to us instead, please have a look at this other page.

Important GIMP Links

Other Useful Links


The GIMP Maillist Page
A more thorough overview of The GIMP related mail lists and some mail list ettiquette.

The GIMP Organization

The GIMP web site.

Take your bugs here.

The GIMP Developer site

The GIMP User Maunual (GUM)


The Official site of GIMPNet.

More ...


Important GIMP Development Links

GIMP developers
The main GIMP development website.

GEGL --GIMP 'E' Graphical Library
An image processing library based on GObjects.

GNOME Bonsai
Perform queries on the contents of the CVS archive.


Tutorials-page from GIMP Usergroup (GUG)
The GUG-website has some cool GIMP-tutorials online.

Pointers to GIMP-tutorials
This site has pointers to GIMP-tutorials all over the Internet. Some are outdated, but most tutorials show nice GIMP-tips & tricks.

Carol Spears' GIMP2 tutorials
Carol took care of updating some of the existing tutorials to current GIMP versions and also likes to present other great works of her own.

More GIMP-links

GIMP-startpagina (Dutch version)
Just one page, but contains the most up-to-date collection of links to GIMP-sites.

GIMP-startpage (English version)
Essentially the same as the one above, but this time in English.

GIMP-category from ODP
This OpenDirectoryProject-category holds links to GIMP-sites (like this page).

Dutch GIMP-category from ODP
This OpenDirectoryProject-category contains only links to Dutch GIMP-sites.

Clubs & Communities

GIMP Usergroup (GUG)
Meet fellow-GIMP-users here and see what they created using GIMP

English GIMP-club
English-spoken community to discuss using The GIMP

Dutch GIMP-club
Dutch-spoken community to promote GIMP-usage in The Netherlands

The GIMP in Russian
Russian site about GIMP. Articles, tutorials, FAQ, forum.

A resource for artist using Linux.

A community site with news, tutorials and galleries.

The GIMP in Czech and Slovak
A Czech and Slovak community site with news, tutorials and user forums.

Gimp french-speaking and contributive portal.

German-spoken forum focussing on The GIMP. News, tutorials, user-to-user help and galleries.

The GIMP in Lithuanian
Lithuanian site about The GIMP, featuring news, tutorials, forum and galleries.

News, tutorials, forum, galleries for Spanish-speaking users.

News, blog and forum in Magyar (Hungarian).

The GIMP & Inkscape for Polish-speaking users: news, forum and wiki.

Created with the GIMP

Galleries from GUG
The largest collection of GIMP-created graphics

Dutch GIMP-club
Dutch-spoken community to promote GIMP-usage in The Netherlands.

Computer-graphics with GIMP
This OpenDirectoryProject-category holds links to galleries of images created with GIMP

Other Graphics Applications

A robust collection of tools and libraries that work at the command line as well.

A vector drawing program for Unix.

Tux Paint
A drawing program for young children.

One of the original unix graphics applications.

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