Getting Involved


Teseo2 is Free Software. In the free software world, there is generally no distinction between users and developers. As in a friendly neighbourhood, everybody pitches in to help their neighbors. Please consider the time you give in assistance to others as payment.

Ways in which you can help:

  • program new features,
  • debug existing features,
  • report bugs--errors in the program,
  • add documentation,
  • translate the Teseo2 to your own language,
  • translate the documentation,
  • write tutorials,
  • improve this web site,
  • make artwork for the Teseo2 used in or with the Teseo,
  • let people know you used the Teseo2 for your artwork,
  • give away copies of the Teseo2, or
  • help others to learn to use the Teseo2.

As you can see, everyone can help.

Bug reports

Teseo2 is not a bug-free application nor is any other application so reporting the bugs that you will encounter is very important to the development, it helps the developers to make Teseo2 more stable and more bug free.

You don't have to be a developer or a everyday user to report bugs. It can be hard to report a bug the first time you try it out but don't just quit the whole bug report if you think it is hard. Instead, look at the bugs page you will find some very good help about this.


This is the part where people are always needed to help with the development and this is also the part that is the hardest to start with. Though there are websites and files to give you a good look at how hacking is being done in the GIMP.

The site you should keep updated with and the site that is updated all the time with new development help guides is located at http://developer.gimp.org/. If you have the GIMP installed at the moment then there are some files you should look at in the source code that might help you a little.

    (Contains a lot of information that you need to know if you want to start coding)
    (The main README file for the GIMP and should be read by everyone)
  • README.i18n
    (The internationalization README which should be read by translators)
  • README.win32
    (The win32 README)

Important GIMP Links

Important GIMP Development Links

GIMP developers
The main GIMP development website.

GEGL --GIMP 'E' Graphical Library
An image processing library based on GObjects.

GNOME Bonsai
Perform queries on the contents of the CVS archive.

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