Teseo2 for Mac OS X

Getting and Installing the Teseo2

In addition to the source code distribution here on sismos.rm.ingv.it, there are 2 binary distributions to install for your Mac OS X.
  • Gimp.app: an extended version of Gimp.app (by Aaron Voisine) that provides a self contained application bundle of the GIMP and Teseo2 for OS X. It requires Apple's X11.app. Gimp.app with Teseo extension by Matteo Quintiliani.
    All you need is download the latest ISO or DMG images from http://teseo.rm.ingv.it/pub/teseo/macosx
  • Unix-like distribution:
    all you need is download the latest version of tarball package from http://teseo.rm.ingv.it/pub/teseo/macosx and follow instruction in INSTALL file.



Once you have installed the Teseo2 on Mac OS X, the configuration is very similar to the other UNIX systems. Please have a look at the configuration section on the Teseo2 for UNIX page for more details.

Help and Documentation

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