Teseo2 from Source

The official distribution of the Teseo2 is the source code, distributed in tar files from the Sismos web site at http://teseo.rm.ingv.it/pub/teseo/v2.0. The same source code can be compiled to create binaries for different platforms such as Linux, Windows, MacOS X, Solaris and many others.

Stable version

Is recommended for most users. Pre-compiled binaries of the stable Teseo2 are usually available for several platforms (see the platform-specific pages for more details), so you do not even have to compile the code yourself.

Development version

For those who want to check the progress towards the next stable release, and who want to help the developers by testing the code and reporting bugs. The development version contains more features than the stable version but it may crash from time to time so be sure to save your work often. If you are using this version, it is a good idea to subscribe to some of the Teseo2 mailing lists (teseo-user or teseo-developer) so that you can follow the discussions about new features and known bugs.

CVS versions

This is for those who want to live on the bleeding edge. This will give you the latest version of the source code with the latest features, but also with the latest bugs (eeek!). CVS maintains several versions of the code called "branches" so you can fetch the latest version ("HEAD") or a stable version from a maintenance branch. If you intend to contribute to the development of Teseo2, then you should try CVS. As the code is constantly evolving and features are added (or removed) every day, you should contact teseo@ingv.it and have a look at the GIMP developers' site and subscribe to the teseo-developer and gimp-developer mailing lists if you compile the code from CVS.

Teseo2 Source Code

The Teseo2 source code is distributed as tarballs. It is available from the Sismos web site at http://teseo.rm.ingv.it/pub/teseo/v2.0.

Teseo2 Requirements

All requirements below must be met to be able compiling Teseo2 from source. This list might change depending on the releases being worked on during development of Teseo2. Look at the files INSTALL and README in the tarballs for details.

Stable version 2.0.x

Package Version Download Description
GIMP 2.2.x (>=2.2.6) Download The GIMP
gtk-addons 0.1 Included in
Teseo distribution
GUI saving utilities
NEWUOA 0.1 Included in
Teseo distribution
Unconstrained optimization
without derivatives
gtkdatabox gtkdatabox Widget for the Gtk+-library
designed to display large
amounts of numerical data
fast and easy.

Teseo2 from CVS

If you want to work with Teseo2 from CVS, then the following howtos are written to give you a fast introduction.

See the platform-specific pages for additional requirements and instructions for each operating system.

Optional packages

Package Version FTP HTTP Description Dependency
libnr >= 1.0 - Numerical recipes support Optional (explicit disable)
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