The myth of Theseus

Theseus was the son of the king of Athens, Aegean. He went to Troezen in Argolis and married there. When he went back home he put a sword and a pare of sandals under a heavy stone; When Theseus was grown up he had to lift the stone and grab the sword and sandals and come to Athens. When Theseus was 16 years old he lifted the stone and grabbed the sword and the sandals and went to Athens. The road to Athens was verry dangerous in that time: there were terrifying giants, thieves and monsters, but Theseus was a brave man and went to Athens. on his road to Athens he met several monsters like Sinis: his nickname was Pityokamtes, "the pinetree cracker". He tied people between two pines and then let the two trees go; the people were totally teard up ! Theseus did the same to the giant itself. Then he met Skeiron, he used to force travellers to kiss his feet, than when they kneeled he kicked them from a cliff. Theseus did also the same to that monster. The third crook was named Prokrustus, he played very a cruel games. He had two bedes, a big and a small bed. If he had a long victim, he put him on the small bed and cut the extending parts of the body of. If he had a small victim he put him on the big bed and hammered on him until he fits in the long bed. Theseus defeated him too. He arrived in Athens and was gratefuly accepted in the palace of his father. But Athens was in truble: The were defeated by king Minos of Crete. Because they had lost they had to give 7 girls and 7 boys. They were locked up in the Labyrinth of Crete. Theseus had desided to go to the Minotaur and kill him. He said to his father: "I'll sail away with black sails and when I come back allive I wil raise white sails." His father (Aegean) agreed and the went to Crete. On the island the daughter of Minos, Ariadne felt in love with Theseus. She gave him a ball of wool, he had to bind the ball at the beginning of the Labyrinth and take the rest with him so he could find the way back. Theseus killed the Minotaur and went back home. But he forgot to change the sails. Meanwhile Aegean waited on a cliff for the return of his son's ship. When he saw the ship of his son he threw himself of the cliff, because he thought that his son was dead ! That's how the Aegean see was created. Theseus became king of Athens now and after these things he did many, many great things.

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