Teseo ver 1.0 - Old vectoriser

Source distribution

Development of Teseo 1, plug-in for GIMP 1, has been stopped at version 1.3.2 and it is discontinued. A new version for GIMP 2 is under development, Teseo2.

Teseo 1.3.2 was developed in C and C++ with gcc 3.3.1 compiler on Linux operating system (Mandrake distribution). Sources are included in Anjuta and KDevelop projects.

Before compile neuronteseo you need to build a small library with some routines included in "Numerical Recipes in C". For more information about distribution policy about these routines see Numerical Recipes Information. In the CD-Rom or floppy bundled with the book you can find the required files:

brent.c, f1dim.c, lfit.c, linmin.c, main.c, mnbrak.c, nrutil.c, powell.c, pythag.c, svbksb.c, svdcmp.c, svdfit.c, complex.h, nr.h, nrutil.h.

Download Teseo 1 source: teseo-1.3.2-src.tar.gz


Teseo 1 contains three programs:

  • neuronteseo: is a GIMP plug-in, is the vectorizer!
  • neuronexamples: is a GIMP plug-in to generate examples for neural network learning.
  • neuronlearn: is a stand-alone program that allows to generate and train the neural networks.

Binary distribution - Requirements: Linux O.S., GIMP 1.2

Download Teseo 1 binaries: teseo-1.3.2-linuxbin-dist.tar.gz

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